Sunday, October 2, 2016

When Negating your Right to vote

I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the election. Those of you who know me are aware that I came from a country that in the past was a democracy and the government has deteriotated over the years with corruption and ideological thinking that does not line up with what the Bible says. When I went to college I was beginning to adopt a point of view that did not line up with the Bible. Although I had some liberal influences  I had to make a decision in what to believe and what the filter of my mind would be.  My spiritual eyes had to be opened to the reality of what my thinking was and allow Jesus to rule my thoughts.  I could not do it without me allowing Him and give Him permission. I had to allow His Spirit to rule and my mind to yield. This is something we need to do on a daily basis.  As I allowed Him to rule and yield to Him by spending time in prayer in His Presence and His Word my thoughts line up with His. the filter of your mind becomes more and more in alignment with His beliefs.
Why did I spend time on this? because in this election we must think what the Bible says.  Are we willing to allow our emotions dictate the future of this country? Surely not! We must more than ever be the church united, and willing to allow by our presence in the polls have our voices be heard.  Be educated in what each candidate believes what  the platform of each party is. Don't be like some  Evangelicals. They stayed home because they said may God's will be done. God's will is done by your exercise to vote.
Read 1 Kings, Judges and the Chronicles. Read what happened in the times of David Salomon, Jeroboam and Nebuchadnezzar. There is a lot of insight in what people did at that time. There were  godless times where men and women were turning away from God. when the righteous would rule people would rejoice but when the wicked ruled the people mourned. That is still true today.
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More than ever we must go to the polls, we must study the platforms of each ideology. We are not electing a candidate for office but we are putting an ideology in office to rule. So, if the platform does not line up with the Bible, we continue to allow babies being murdered, people of foreign countries break the law, not just Latinos but others from other countries that are not publicized that are breaking the law as well and go against Israel and continue to allow governmental control creep into our lives then we need to take a step back and think this through.
God is a faithful God but my vote will be held accountable for every child that is aborted and every law that is anti-God that gets passed if we put in someone in office whose ideology is to kill steal and destroy.
My prayer is that Americans will be sober in November to vote by beliefs and not by personalities, gender or what the media says.  Awake now!

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