Saturday, April 23, 2016

Miracles are Here to Stay

These past few weeks I have been meditating as how Good God is.  It seems that is the only thing to hold on to in the middle of trials. Notice I said trials in plural. It is in the middle of a trial that God's goodness shows on display. He shows up in ways that you  realize that YES! miracles are here to stay.  He knows the very secrets that are in your heart and knows them so well.
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I was in a meeting this last week and God showed me that He cares so much that the very secrets of your heart hold them dear that His healing power hovers over them.  That secret hurt that you feel you can't get rid of, God comes in with His healing Power and swoops it off the depths of your soul to the point that you are made whole. That secret hurt was not a visible hurt, not like the deaf or the blind or the woman with the issue of blood that was external but it was a hurt that was there lingering for years. Jesus healed it in the most loving soothing way. He restores my soul.
Remember when trials come, remember God's goodness and that He will see you through. He never said you will stay through. He said you will walk through. In spite of what the circumstances are. You have no fear because it is temporary. It is subject to change. It is like the picture of this beach. you see the sand but when the afternoon comes that sand will be covered with water because of the tide. That is how we have to look at our trials. We give them to God and look up realizing that is if subject to change. You become what you behold so you speak to that trial and rise above it. Jesus said:Be of Good Cheer, I have overcome the world.