Monday, September 12, 2016

Being moved by Obedience rather than Need

OK so here I am again, writing another post. I was meditating about the difference of being moved by obedience vs. being moved by need. Being moved by the obedience of the Holy Spirit is more fulfilling than being moved by need. What is obedience? what is need? Obedience in the dictionary definition is "
compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another's authority".
"children were taught to show their parents obedience" What is Need? "Expressing necessity or obligation or because it's essential" There are times when people are moved by need. the souls burns so bad that we feel obligated because we need what that person has to offer, their status or sometimes a quid pro quo which is not healthy because it is based on motives than on love.
-Never guide your life on just one word. Wait on the Lord and see if it's confimed"
-Listen to the Spirit of God to guide and direct you
-Let the Lord be your shield and use your authority against the enemy in the midst of your obedience.
-Rest in faith. Faith is a rest. As you obey Jesus will be there right with you.
-Rejoice as you move in obedience to God. Praise Him that you are doing His will.
Don't forget! God honors your obedience. The season of reaping will come and because of your obedience the blessing is released.
My prayer to you is that you obey God and expect the best. He takes care of you always. Deutoronomy 31:6 says that He will never leave you and won't forsake you. Agree with God and watch Him move. You are loved!

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